A collection of resources that can aid you through using, creating and configuring mods.

Whether you're a developer or not, our resources ensure your knowledge installing, creating, and using mods for Minecraft: Java Edition are clear and concise, regardless of the modloader you use.


The birth of the Modded Minecraft Wiki was sparked by a clear community need – there wasn't enough easy-to-follow information about Minecraft modding.

Recognizing this gap, we teamed up to simplify things. The wikis emerged as a collaborative effort to make modding more accessible and provide a platform for all kinds of enthusiasts. Built on the idea of openness, this project is open-source, welcoming anyone who loves Minecraft to contribute their insights.

It's a big collaboration that's always expanding.

The Modded Minecraft Wiki isn't just for developers – though it's definitely a treasure trove for them. It's more than that. It's for all of us – regular players, too.

We've got guides to help you out, whether you've just bought Minecraft or are a technical redstone player. Whether you're diving into code details or just looking to enhance your gaming experience, the Modded Minecraft Wiki is your trusty companion.


Anyone can contribute to any of the wikis - as long as you follow the contribution guidelines of the wiki you want to contribute to.

Once you've made sure your contribution is fit for the wiki, simply open a pull request to the GitHub repository.


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